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The data you need to deliver marketing that works.

GlobalWebIndex combines survey data from 18 million panelists with billions of analytics events, to help power your brightest marketing ideas.

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Go Beyond Stats To Actionable Audience Insight

Explore the digital behaviors of the audiences that matter to your business.

Define Your Target Audiences

Use Audience Builder to create custom segments by combining any of our 20,000 data points.

Explore Their Digital Behaviors

Explore the whole GlobalWebIndex data set through the lens of those specific target audiences.

Make Better Marketing Decisions

Uncover insights into what makes your particular target audience stand out against their peers.

Access the world's largest study on connected devices & behaviors

GlobalWebIndex is the world's largest study on the digital consumer.
Define granular target audiences and explore their digital lifestyles in detail.


The building blocks for audience creation. Combine deep demographic attributes with any of the questions in other categories to understand your target group in incredible detail.

Attitudes and Lifestyle

Understand the lives and lifestyles of digital consumers, from their self-perceptions and interests to their professional lives, wealth profiles and engagement with areas such as sport, travel and the web.

Device Ownership and Access

A detailed view on connectivity and device adoption. Understand usage of operating systems, virtual private networks and emerging devices such as smartwatches.

Online Activities and Behaviours

Get a cross-device view on what people are doing online, as well as the top global and local websites that they are visiting.

Media Consumption

Get the latest insights across on-demand content, second-screening, time spent on media and usage of connected devices such as games consoles.

Social Media

Understand how and why people are using social media, with deep-dives into actions specific to the top global services.


Quantify and trend usage across both named applications and application categories.


Measure past transactions, path to purchase and intent levels across a wide range of product types & categories.

Marketing Touchpoints

Quantify effective marketing touchpoints for your target audiences, and understand brand discovery journeys.

Proven to drive marketing effectiveness

GlobalWebIndex data provides the intelligence to effectively engage digital consumers.

Strategic Planning & ROI

Discover where, when and how to reach your business-critical audiences with powerful communications.

Audience Insight

Find out what makes your target audiences different to their peers, and uncover breakthrough insights.

Channel Planning

Prioritize budgets and channel allocation, according to their effectiveness for your particular audiences.

Engagement Tactics

Observe brand discovery and path to purchase habits for your segments, and quantify effectiveness of marketing tactics.

Audience Discovery

Use our proprietary tagging solutions to observe behaviors of your engaged audiences and segment in more than 20,000 ways.

Advertising Effectiveness

Quantify the effectiveness of your digital advertising using our 18MM+ panellists to measure changes in perception and behaviors.

40 countries and 584 local regions

GlobalWebIndex provides global consistency with granularity at the country and local level.

Our clients include global and local marketing companies alike, with detail down to the local region level in all countries covered.


USA  ●  Canada  ●  Argentina  ●  Brazil  ●  Mexico


United Kingdom  ●  Belgium  ●  Egypt  ●  France  ●  Germany  ●  Ghana  ●  Ireland  ●  Italy  ●  Kenya  ●  Morocco  ●  Netherlands  ●  Nigeria  ●  Poland  ●  Portugal  ●  Russia  ●  Saudi Arabia  ●  South Africa  ●  Spain  ●  Sweden  ●  Turkey  ●  UAE


Australia  ●  China  ●  Hong Kong  ●  India  ●  Indonesia  ●  Japan  ●  Malaysia  ●  New Zealand  ●  Philippines  ●  Singapore  ●  South Korea  ●  Taiwan  ●  Thailand  ●  Vietnam

Build target audiences using up to 20,000 attributes in any combination

Audience Builder

A simple drag and drop interface that helps you create complex audience definitions in seconds.

Choose audience attributes

Use Audience Builder to create your segments with any of the 20,000 data points in our taxonomy.

Drag & drop into place

Use our intuitive and fast interface to discover and apply the data points you want to use in your definitions.

Create bespoke segments

Use simple 'And', 'Or' and 'Not' operators to build professional marketing segments. View sample sizes in real time.

Explore their digital behaviors and motivations, for better marketing effectiveness

Chart Builder

A charting and data export tool that quickly gets you the insight you need.

Define Your Target Audiences

Use PRO Platform™ to build custom charts and graphs using your own combinations of audiences, countries and other filters.

Explore Their Digital Behaviors

Export your data in raw format, or as a complete data packs with pre-formatted charts, trends and segmentation.

Make Better Marketing Decisions

Get unlimited pre-packaged reports from our expert analysts, covering all digital trends and channels.

Trusted by the world's most sophisticated marketing organizations

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Powered by a vast study of connected consumers

18 Million Panellists

GlobalWebIndex manages a panel of more 18 million connected consumers, which we leverage for analytics and insights.

40 Countries

Our data set is completely consistent across 40 countries, enabling meaningful comparisons across global markets.

Up To Date

We publish our data one week after collection, making it the only source for independent data on emerging platforms.

Fully Customisable

Extend and enrich the data set to best suit your needs by working with our expert team of GlobalWebIndex analysts.

Trusted by the world's most sophisticated marketers

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