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The latest views from the GlobalWebIndex analysts.

iPhone Owners are the most satisfied with their handsets

Posted by Felim McGrath on Friday, February 12 2016

A new addition to the GWI survey – device satisfaction – forms the basis of our last Chart of the Day this week.

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Only 4% say a tablet is their most important device

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, February 11 2016

Although tablets recorded explosive levels of growth in the early years of this decade, they’ve struggled to be seen as essential rather than nice-to-have devices.

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16-24s say mobile is their most important device

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, February 10 2016

Not only are 16-24s the most enthusiastic users of smartphones but, as our newest research reveals, they are most likely to say that smartphones are their most important device for getting online. Close to half from this age group say this about their mobiles, with only a third of 16-24s identifying laptops as their favored device.

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Over 50% of 16-34s post reviews online

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, February 9 2016

Globally, it’s almost half of internet users who are posting reviews about products or companies online each month.

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3 Signs that the Mobile Tipping Point is Coming

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, February 9 2016

The internet landscape is changing – mobiles are in the ascent, while PC/laptops are in a slow decline.  Mobile-first has become a buzzword of late but here are some clear signs that the mobile tipping point is coming.  

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1 in 5 using voice search on mobile

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, February 8 2016

GWI’s cross-device data on internet behaviors shows that using a search engine is still the most popular online activity; some 92% reported doing this in Q4 2015, with the figures remaining high across all age, gender, income and region breaks.

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9 in 10 Spotify Users are Watching Videos Online

Posted by Chase Buckle on Friday, February 5 2016

Last week, Spotify launched its own video channel on iOS and Android. So, for this week’s final Chart of the Day, we check in on how many Spotify users are watching videos online.

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81% of Online Adults Have a Facebook Account

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, February 4 2016

With Facebook hitting its 12th birthday and continuing to beat expectations with its impressive earnings results last week, today’s Chart of the Day takes a look at the network’s dominance within the social landscape.

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Top Online Activities among 16-24s

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wednesday, February 3 2016

For our midweek chart, we look at the importance of mobiles to younger consumers by profiling some of this age group’s top online activities.

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4 Things to Know About VPN Users

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, February 2 2016

Around the world, millions of internet users are deploying Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or Proxy Servers to get online – tools which are allowing people to bypass traditional connections and tracking methods to use the internet via a remotely located server.

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46% of internet users purchasing via mobile

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tuesday, February 2 2016

Online adults are now as likely to own a smartphone as a PC/laptop and the boom in mobile ownership is having a clear impact on the online shopping behaviors of digital consumers.

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Why Snapchat needs VoIP Calling

Posted by Chase Buckle on Monday, February 1 2016

With rumors circulating of Snapchat developing VoIP functionality, today’s Chart of the Day looks at why Snapchat needs internet calling features.

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