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1 in 5 WhatsAppers using iOS

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thu, Aug 27 2015

  |   Tags: WhatsApp

As WhatsApp begins extending support for its web client to iOS, Thursday’s chart looks at which OS are most popular among WhatsApp’s user base.

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Prospects for Samsung Pay

Posted by Jason Mander on Wed, Aug 26 2015

  |   Tags: Samsung

Samsung has become the latest big name to enter the mobile payment fray – introducing a mobile wallet service for users in South Korea.

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Vlogs are the least effective brand discovery channel

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, Aug 25 2015

  |   Tags: Vlogging

With vlogs likely to face tighter regulations in terms of product promotion, we question how effective they are in terms of advertising.

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Why Kik and WeChat are Perfect Partners

Posted by Felim McGrath on Mon, Aug 24 2015

  |   Tags: Messaging

Tencent have announced that it had purchased a stake in Kik Messenger, suggesting that many of the functions on WeChat could soon be coming to Kik.

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The Impact of VPNs on Spotify and Netflix

Posted by Felim McGrath on Fri, Aug 21 2015

  |   Tags: VPNs

In many of the places where Netflix and Spotify are yet to enter the market, our data shows that many internet users are turning to VPNs.

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How many internet users are blocking ads?

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thu, Aug 20 2015

  |   Tags: Ad Blocking

The ad-supported models that many online entertainment services employ have been facing a tough challenge from the spread of ad-blocking software.

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Why Rdio is Moving into Online Radio

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wed, Aug 19 2015

  |   Tags: Music Streaming

Rdio has some way to go before it can challenge the big names in music streaming. Even in the US, only 4% are monthly users of the service.

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GWI Entertainment: The latest trends in online entertainment

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wed, Aug 19 2015

  |   Tags: Entertainment

Today sees the launch of our flagship GWI Entertainment report, examining the very latest trends in the online entertainment industry.

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Why Facebook Should Launch a News App

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, Aug 18 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook

One of the recent rumors suggests that Facebook is creating a stand-alone news app that will allow publications to send alerts about news stories.

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Snapchat’s Travel Mode Underlines its Global Ambitions

Posted by Jason Mander on Mon, Aug 17 2015

  |   Tags: Snapchat

Hot on the heels of Facebook and LINE – both of which have recently introduced data-saving “lite” modes – Snapchat is introducing a “Travel Mode”.

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