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Online Retailers Need To Offer Free Delivery

Posted by Chase Buckle on Fri, Nov 27 2015

  |   Tags: Commerce

With the Black Friday sales in full swing, this week’s final Chart of the Day examines why online retailers should be offering free delivery.

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Google+ Is More Popular Than You Think

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thu, Nov 26 2015

  |   Tags: Google

As Google+ redefines its image to focus on communities and collections, today we look at why the social network is more popular than you might think.

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1 in 3 Samsung Owners Want to Buy an iPhone

Posted by Katie Young on Wed, Nov 25 2015

  |   Tags: iPhone, Samsung

When it comes to purchasing a new handset, it’s clear that many smartphone owners are happy to consider swapping brands. And as our mid-week Chart of the Day shows, this trend is particularly true for Samsung owners.

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55-64s more likely to own a tablet than 16-24s

Posted by Katie Young on Tue, Nov 24 2015

  |   Tags: Tablets

Tablets have become relatively mainstream devices; globally, 44% of online adults aged 16-64 say they personally own one.

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3 in 4 Snapchatters Use Facebook Messenger

Posted by Felim McGrath on Mon, Nov 23 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook, Snapchat

With Facebook testing Snapchat-like ephemeral messaging on Messenger, we look at the popularity of Messenger and other chat apps among Snapchatters.

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A third of 16-24s find new brands via online ads

Posted by Katie Young on Fri, Nov 20 2015

  |   Tags: Ads

Globally, 31% say they find new brands or products from ads they’ve seen online, making this the fourth most important discovery source.

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29% of smartphone users block ads on their main computers

Posted by Katie Young on Thu, Nov 19 2015

  |   Tags: Ad Blocking

With ad-blocking continuing to grab headlines, today we look at the number of smartphone users who are blocking ads on their main computers.

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Wider access to Audience Builder & New Search Results in PRO Platform™

Posted by Alastair Little on Wed, Nov 18 2015

  |   Tags: Pro Platform, Search, Audiences

Today we launched a couple of major changes in PRO Platform. Primarily, all users will now benefit from greater granularity in search results.

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6 in 10 Tumblr users are on Facebook Messenger

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wed, Nov 18 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook, Tumblr

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Tumblr is the latest social platform to introduce instant messaging functionality.

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30% of tablet owners aren’t using them to go online

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tue, Nov 17 2015

  |   Tags: Tablets

Tablets are now a relatively common possession – over 40% of internet users aged 16-64 personally one.

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