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Over 50% of WeChat and Snapchat users are Mobile Shoppers

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tue, Mar 31 2015

  |   Tags: Shopping

More and more social networks/instant messaging platforms are experimenting with integrated commerce services as potential new sources of revenue.

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Over a quarter are using shopping apps

Posted by Felim McGrath on Mon, Mar 30 2015

  |   Tags: Shopping

Across GWI’s 32 surveyed countries, a third of the online population aged 16-64 are buying products online using a mobile.

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GWI Insight Report: M-Commerce

Posted by Felim McGrath on Mon, Mar 30 2015

  |   Tags: Mobile Commerce

PCs and laptops still dominate the world of online commerce but, as smartphones become ever more integral to daily life, mobile commerce is in the ascendancy.

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What Facebook Messenger Learned from WeChat

Posted by Felim McGrath on Fri, Mar 27 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook Messenger

Plans to evolve Facebook Messenger into a more comprehensive platform were the big reveal at this week’s F8 conference.

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Millennials 3x as likely as Boomers to second-screen via mobile

Posted by Jason Mander on Thu, Mar 26 2015

  |   Tags: Second-Screeners

With our full set of Generations reports now available on the Insight store today’s blog post focuses on how second-screening behaviors vary by age.

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Mobile web usage highest among Teens and Millennials

Posted by Jason Mander on Wed, Mar 25 2015

  |   Tags: Mobile Internet

Today sees the launch of our Gen X and Baby Boomers audience reports, complementing those on Teens and Millennials released in recent weeks.

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Smartphones have 1.73 users per device

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, Mar 24 2015

  |   Tags: Smartphones

As we discuss in Internet Usage Trends, the idea that 1 device = 1 user simply does not reflect the ways in which internet users globally get online.

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Why SVOD Is The Future Of Sports Spectatorship

Posted by Jean-Charles Lacoste on Tue, Mar 24 2015

The demand for SVOD seems set to continue, as viewers clamour to be able to watch high quality, live content.

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Over a quarter of the world’s internet users are aged 16-24

Posted by Jason Mander on Mon, Mar 23 2015

  |   Tags: Internet Usage

As we discuss in our new report on Internet Usage Trends, internet penetration rates in our surveyed markets vary almost 100% to not even 20%.

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7 in 10 Facebookers clicked the ‘like’ button last month

Posted by Felim McGrath on Fri, Mar 20 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook

This week’s final blog post looks at the top user behaviors on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, a key part of our new Social Media Engagement report.

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