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Profiling Instagram’s Future on its Fifth Birthday

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tue, Oct 6 2015

  |   Tags: Instagram

Instagram has hit the headlines recently with claims of surging user numbers, and today we take a look at what the future of could be for Instagram.

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Android versus iOS

Posted by Katie Young on Tue, Oct 6 2015

  |   Tags: Android, iOS

Last week, Google unveiled new smartphones and announced that it had reached the 1.4 billion mark for active Android smartphones around the world.

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Why Twitter should move beyond 140 characters

Posted by Felim McGrath on Mon, Oct 5 2015

  |   Tags: Twitter

Rumors have emerged that Twitter is planning to drop its 140-character limit – a move which may leave the service without what many see as its USP.

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Why Deezer is filing for an IPO

Posted by Chase Buckle on Fri, Oct 2 2015

Hot on the heels of the launch of Apple Music, streaming service Deezer has announced that it plans to file for an initial public offering.

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Prospects for Facebook’s “Click-to-Message” Business Ads

Posted by Katie Young on Fri, Oct 2 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook

Facebook’s new plans for “Click-to-Message” business ads are a clear step towards monetization. Today we assesses the outlook for this new feature.

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How Brands can Engage Rugby World Cup Viewers

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thu, Oct 1 2015

  |   Tags: Sports

Despite the continued momentum of online media consumption, live sports is one area where linear television continues to dominate.

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Can Firefox’s new features help it to challenge Chrome?

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thu, Oct 1 2015

  |   Tags: Firefox

Can developments like a built-in instant messaging service help Firefox to challenge the big names in internet browsing?

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Why Snapchat’s In-App Purchases Are a Good Idea

Posted by Katie Young on Wed, Sep 30 2015

  |   Tags: Snapchat

Evan Spiegel’s recent announcement that Snapchat would continue its move to monetize its user-base, with users now able to purchase three ‘replays’.

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Half of Instagrammers follow brands

Posted by Jason Mander on Wed, Sep 30 2015

  |   Tags: Instagram

With Instagram claiming to have passed the 400m user mark, our midweek Chart of the Day examines why its audience is so attractive to brands.

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Profiling Adblockers

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, Sep 29 2015

  |   Tags: Ad Blocking

Tuesday’s chart takes a look at the profile of those who already deploy adblocking tools on their PCs or laptops.

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