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1 in 10 using Spotify

Posted by Jason Mander on Fri, Jul 31 2015

  |   Tags: Spotify

Overall, Spotify is currently being used by 10% of online adults (That puts it ahead of rival services such as SoundCloud, Pandora and Deezer.

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2 in 3 Netflixers pay for their account

Posted by Jason Mander on Thu, Jul 30 2015

  |   Tags: Netflix

With our new Netflix Profile Report out today, our chart for Thursday examines how people are accessing the service in the UK and USA.

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The Demographics of Uber's US Users

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wed, Jul 29 2015

  |   Tags: Uber

After its recent clash with New York authorities, our midweek Chart of the Day looks at a new addition to the GWI survey, Uber.

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Why LINE Lite makes sense

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tue, Jul 28 2015

  |   Tags: Line

Hot on the heels of Facebook Lite, LINE’s launch of its own light-weight messaging app confirms the importance of such services to emerging markets.

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Why Airbnb is Expanding its Business Travel Program

Posted by Lizzie Fenton on Mon, Jul 27 2015

  |   Tags: AirBnB

Airbnb is getting serious about going after corporate customers and they recently announced a worldwide expansion for its Business Travel Program.

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Why “Purchases on Google” Will Win the Battle of the “Buy” Buttons

Posted by Jason Mander on Mon, Jul 27 2015

  |   Tags: Google

Google has now confirmed the introduction of “Purchases on Google” in its mobile search results.

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15% own a TV Streaming Device

Posted by Jason Mander on Fri, Jul 24 2015

  |   Tags: Streaming

Globally, it’s now 15% who own a streaming device. From an age perspective, it’s 25-34s who have the lead; by gender, men are slightly ahead of women.

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1 in 4 Spotify Users Pay for the Service

Posted by Jason Mander on Thu, Jul 23 2015

  |   Tags: Spotify

With the battle between Spotify and Apple Music firmly in the spotlight at the moment, we take a look at Apple’s key target audience.

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Periscope ahead of Meerkat

Posted by Jason Mander on Wed, Jul 22 2015

  |   Tags: Meerkat, Periscope

Today we look at results from our new Q2 2015 wave of research to compare the fortunes of Twitter-owned Periscope and potential Facebook-ally Meerkat.

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Twitter versus Instagram

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, Jul 21 2015

  |   Tags: Twitter, Instagram

Last week Instagram reported having 14 million users in the UK. Inevitably, this was followed by comparisons with Twitter.

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