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3 in 10 Android mobile users blocked ads last month

Posted by Felim McGrath on Fri, May 22 2015

  |   Tags: Android

Already, a significant section of the Android audience are using services like Adblock Plus on their other devices.

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70% of Spotify users watching TVoD each month

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thu, May 21 2015

  |   Tags: Spotify

Spotify’s announcement yesterday that it will integrate video clips into its platform marked its first moves into the world of video streaming.

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1 in 4 in UK/US Still Interested in Using Google Glass

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wed, May 20 2015

  |   Tags: Google Glass

Having launched 2 years ago, Google’s wearable had many positives but a $1,500 price tag and a serious image problem meant that it didn’t make the impact Google wanted.

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Snapchat, WeChat and Tumblr have the youngest audiences

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, May 19 2015

  |   Tags: SnapChat

Today we draw on more findings from our new GWI Social report to look at the age profiles of audiences on five key networks/messaging services.

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LINE is the fastest growing social/chat app

Posted by Jason Mander on Mon, May 18 2015

  |   Tags: Line

LINE was the fastest growing messaging/networking app over the last year – with the service seeing a 57% rise in active user numbers.

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1 in 4 interested in Facebook at Work

Posted by Jason Mander on Fri, May 15 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook

One of Facebook’s major focuses in recent quarters has been to re-engage existing users who may have started using other platforms.

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YouTube is the “coolest” social platform for teens

Posted by Jason Mander on Thu, May 14 2015

  |   Tags: YouTube

Today we look at which social networks/apps are currently considered to be the “coolest” by internet users in the UK and US

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3 in 4 are visiting Facebook

Posted by Jason Mander on Wed, May 13 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook

People aren't necessarily leaving Facebook, they are just becoming less likely to interact with it in active ways.

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Half of Facebook’s users visit multiple times per day

Posted by Jason Mander on Tue, May 12 2015

  |   Tags: Facebook

Facebook might be the only network to have seen a drop in active usage, but it’s still the one with by far the most engaged audience.

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Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing social networks

Posted by Jason Mander on Mon, May 11 2015

  |   Tags: Pinterest, Tumblr

It is the smaller social platforms which are growing at the quickest rates, with Pinterest and Tumblr recording by far the biggest increases.

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